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About Ron Johnson

An authentic. proud son of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, Ron Bernard Johnson’s humble beginnings is one of determination, diligence and inspiration. He spent his formative years at St. Augustine’s College, stumbling into a Home Economics class, starting inthe ninth (9th) grade. Although he thoroughly enjoyed the culinary art and science, upon graduation in 1998, he was clueless as to which direction to step forth professionally. However, his mother would have the foresight to enroll him at the Bahamas Hotel Training College. Though reluctant of the prospect and feeling like an underachiever, his affinity and penchant for the profession as well as strong mentorship helped guide him towards professional and academic excellence, earning him the highest GPA within his class.

After completing the Culinary Skills program, he earned the chance to become a Chef Apprentice, choosing Atlantis Resort & Casino, astutely and feverishly studying his profession for 3 years (beginning in 1999) in various kitchens; he viewed the restaurants and production kitchens as a classroom, avoiding complacency in the process. It was during those decisive years, he would be exposed to haute cuisine, various types of international flare and styles of food service but more importantly, it began his organizational refinement. In 2002, he saw that he needed to further his education and attended Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island. Despite many financial and personal setbacks resulting in delaying school thrice during his academic tenure, he acquired his Culinary Arts Bachelor’s degree in 2006.

Eager to showcase his abilities in a non-conventional manner, he opted to forgo the hotel route which many college educated chefs seemed to delve into. Instead, he had a teaching stint and freelanced as a private chef, meeting many influential, affluent people (both in public and private sectors), cooked at various dinner parties and even worked on a remote island and aboard a couple yachts. Additionally, he would also assist friends at their places of employment ranging from the U.S. Ambassador’s residence to private homes. The experience would be invaluable due to the networking abilities and references gained.


Frustrated by particular stigmas of (Bahamian) chefs in particular and still yearning for more formal education, he was awarded by the Organization of American States in 2008 to pursue an MBA in Hospitality (at Johnson & Wales University), diversifying his marketability and expertise in the process. During the course of his studies, his strong Christian upbringing led him to assist Praise Tabernacle’s Food Ministry in their Feeding The Homeless program. In 2012, he assisted his colleague in making a noteworthy effort at the IKA in Erfurt, Germany, otherwise known as the Culinary Olympics. Introverted and analytical in nature, the culinary artist is very focused and cerebral, pertaining to his trade and livelihood.


In July 2015, he was the manager of the Bahamas National Culinary Team which executed its historic performance at The Taste of The Caribbean, the premier annual caribbean chef competition which showcases culinary talent from many islands; the drought was ended and this simultaneously made him the first (and presumably the youngest) manager to successfully hail from The Commonwealth.


Ron Johnson's culinary style is modern, unrestricted and versatile, reflective of the demanding palate of his clientele. He has cooked for various personalities inclusive of : Beyonce & Jay-Z, Montell Williams and those on the Forbes 500 list. Mr. Johnson has many pleasantly peculiar surprises; Savory Art is the first opening act in his culinary play. However, he will not be solely reliant or conducive to culinary arts alone, although it is the cornerstone. His overall approach is to recondition the general public is making them view true chefs as being artists, scientists and businessmen.

Ron Johnson, 33, is married to Terah Johnson and they have two sons together, Teron Andwele & Rohan Tristen. He is a proud supporter of the prestigious, renowned Valley Boys Junkanoo Group and recently has been participating when work permits.

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