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The idiom 'You Get What You Pay For' could never be more true within this environment. Too often, we seem very preoccupied with a bargain rather than fulfillment. Savory Art operates on the 'Customer Intimacy' model, assuring value.

Standard rates have been assembled and categorized for those interested in the services. . If there is an inability to assist you at the time due to a hectic, busy schedule, there would be a referral to various colleagues. He looks forward to working with you in the future.


Rates are as follows:


Personal Chef

o Private Homes & Estates

o Yachts

 $ 400 (standard daily base pay subject to change to various factors), inclusive of:

  • Amount of guests

  • Level of cuisine

  • Hours spent on location

  • Feeding periods

These factors heavily influence daily operations


Dinner Party Events

o Affected by economies & diseconomies of scale (numbers of persons attending)

o Average cost per person for 4-5 course meal is $ 75-$ 150

  • Affected by cost of groceries as well

  •  For example, it is usually cheaper to buy from vendors in bulk for an event, rather than purchasing minute amounts of ingredients

  • Transportation, Multiple days of food preparation and execution as well as shopping influence the cost

  • In some instances, there is accommodation from service provider for the host to purchase groceries and just be charged for service

  • Silverware and dishes sole responsibility of host to provide

o It should be noted that aforesaid dinner event rates not entirely applicable to Hor d’oeuvre centric soiree.



  • Rates begin at $40 per hour

  • Period of discussion and assessment of situation or premises conducted

  • Issues recorded whether it be from a sanitation, leadership or accountability etc. viewpoint.


Notes For Consideration


When reserving the culinary service for an alloted period of time, whether in a verbal or stated contract, particularly in the capacity of a personal chef, the client is expected to compensate the chef whether they choose to use the chef for the full alotted period or not as the reservation prevents the chef from performing duties elsewhere.


If performing in the capacacity of an event, half of the agreed funding is required to commence preparation; the remaining will be due either on the day of or 2-3 business days afterwards, depending on what is specified.


International clients can discuss payment options as they tend to not have affiliations with local banks.


Savory Art reserves the right to refuse service, at our discretion if it believes that a clients' conduct violates applicable law, conflicts with our values or is harmful to our interests or those of our affiliates.


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