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Extra! Extra! See All About It!!

The Media section is divided into three (3) main areas: Articles, Behind the 'Cuis-Scene' and Savory Art Gallery.


The Article section displays some (online accessible) highlights ( he could muster) of his rather brief culinary career, either spotlighting work, an accomplishment or some form of contribution to the culinary community within The Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

Behind The ‘Cuis-Scene’ (used in the last offering) is a glance into the thought process and creativity of Culinary Art expression. The viewer gets to see culinary artistry in motion, in terms of assembling the components on the ceramic canvas for all guests to enjoy. It also inadvertently functions as a devil's advocate, serving as proof of craftsmanship.


Last in the trio, is the section that is paramount, Savory Art Gallery. People are highly visual in nature, and want to see what you can do or offer. When dining, we eat with our eyes first, inspecting components and conducting analysis. A good chef is simultaneously a scientist, proficient in flavor and an artist. To the untrained eye, one may think that all they do is put food on a plate but that is far from the truth. Not only does it take time and effort devising ideas and flavor harmony, it takes a passionate heart and intricate mind to make the ideas aesthetically pleasing. Enjoy just a few of his signature creations. Bon Apetit!!!

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