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'A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers'.  Plato

1.  What is a Personal/Private Chef?
In my opinion, a personal chef is a versatile, highly trained food-service professional that offers his or her culinary services at an estate or home, usually on a daily basis, preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner for the most part.  A private chef differs slightly in that although they have many similarities, they tend to focus on diverse food gala events and dinner parties as their livelihood, renting out their expertise to a sophisticated clientele.

2.  Why have you dubbed yourself as a 'Culinary Artist'?
The culinary profession is both an art and a science. I dubbed myself as a culinary artist; even though the term is synonymous with the word 'Chef', I am devoted to my craft in both making it tasty but aesthetically pleasing to the eye, just as a painter is dedicated to creating a masterpiece on canvas. My canvas is the ceramic plate which my craft (the food) rests on.

3.  Are you a caterer and/or can you execute catered events?
Catering is another segment of the culinary field of which I have delved into occasionally. Unfortunately, I was not really devoted to that segment and used to loathe procuring chafing dishes, sternos and utensils to serve the food as it created a logistical headache and forced me to not totally focus on the food. I can cater but I am not one by profession.

4.  Do you provide glasses, dishes, linen and silverware for events?
Ninety-nine point nine-nine percent (99.99%) of the time, I do not provide the items listed, only the ingredients and food items for an event.

5.  How does the personal chef assistance service work?
As we engage in an enlightening dialogue about your food preferences, allergies, dietary restrictions/guidelines, food time table, duration of requested service and other aspects of your palate, I will formulate menus based on your preferences.

6.  What's the difference between the personal chef service and dinner party events?
Personal chef services usually entail cooking throughout various time periods of the day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) for about a maximum of 10 persons at an estate or home. Dinner party events usually consist of large groups (20+) of people usually seeking a four (4) to six (6) course meal or elegantly displayed presentation for a single period (typically late evening).

7.  Do I really need to book Savory Art in advance and/or sign a contract?
Due to occasional surges in client demand, it is a keen idea to secure the culinary service. However, random requests still are taken into consideration.

A contract serves as an agreement between both parties and can safeguard against any unfortunate events which may transpire. Due to some scenarios which resulted in negligent behavior, delayed or outstanding payments, I find it fitting to secure an agreement.

8.  Why do you offer consultation for businesses and personal livelihood?
The phrase 'Anyone can cook' from the motion picture 'Ratatouille' constantly resides in my mind. However, I find it misleading at times because although many mistakenly call themselves chefs and cooks, numerous individuals lack the understanding or appreciation for the various science and techniques involved in the process. Some may need advice on flavor harmony, proper techniques and preparing meals based on their health guidelines.

 I give due credit to food-service businesses that mustered the courage to pursue their stake of the market; However, we must realize our own imperfections: Known Unkowns and Unknown Unknowns. In other words, there are always things in food operations that can be improved and there may also be deficiencies that we are totally unaware of. Sometimes an outside source is more apt to detect errors as they are on the outskirts of an institution.

9. What are your rates for the services you offer?
My rate for personal chef services begin at three hundred dollars ($400) per day and escalates from there, depending on a host of factors. Dinner party events require an in depth discussion due to many variables such as: number of courses, persons attending as well as other factors. Consultation services begin at forty dollars ($40) per hour.

10. Do you travel, and if so, outside of The Bahamas as well?
Thus far, I have worked aboard fourteen (14) yachts (M/Y Charade, M/Y Joe Cool, M/Y Makira, M/Y Illusions, M/Y Harmony, M/Y Solstice I, M/Y Fortunata, M/Y Island Time, M/Y Equinox, M/Y Miracle. M/Y Ragnar, M/Y Summer Spendor, M/Y Impulsive, M/Y Impulsive Too) and did some personal chef work in Nassau as well as traveling throughout some of the islands of The Bahamas. At seldom times, I venture outside of the country but depending on the request and duration, it is a strong possibility that I can be lured elsewhere.

11. What is the duration that I can reserve and use Savory Art?
That my friend, I cannot answer as I'll leave that up to you.... :)

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