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'Nothing endures but change'


Diets are constantly changing and people are routinely seeking out alternative menus and food options to cater to 'cleaner' eating lifestyles due to religion, medical advice, health concerns, dietary restrictions as well as new trends which surface from season to season.  Sometimes, clients have allergies/restrictions (no dairy, beef, pork) that they want to adhere to but still savor a tasty meal. It must be stated that creating a truly nutritious meal that is  superbly satiating is a skill that is noteworthy, as dairy, flour, salt and sugar are abundantly used in a chef's repertoire.


Nonetheless, there have been instances when devising menus, a client would request either gluten-free, organic, Atkins, vegetarian or Paleo style food to reflect their food philosophies nowadays. For example, where there are clients with gluten sensitivities, one would have had to create pasta with Rice Flour or another alternative. There are even requests to make sorbet and other frozen treats with Agave Syrup instead of Granulated Sugar. One must be flexible and proficient in substitution or creating new items based off what's trending in the distinguished palate of society. Feel free to browse the menu tab and click on the Paleo Style menu to get a glimpse of the lifestyle which involves no sugar, dairy and limited starch, amongst other restrictions.


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