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Mr. & Mrs. Johnson Reception 

• Total Crowd not exceeding 360

o Bridal party 16-20 person

  • Side note: Bridal party needs a snack and beverage kit for photo shoot etc. 

o Special guests and immediate family not more than 60 persons 

o Guests approximately 260-280 persons 

o 2 chef teams 

  •  1 primarily focused on cocktail and buffet 

  •  1 primarily focused on plated dinner service 


• All tables 

o Silver Chinese ‘take out’ boxes, personalized and consisting of: 

  •  Mini jam 

  • Pepper Sauce 

  •  Fudge 

  •  Benne candy 

  • Recipe cards 

• Friendship 

• Romance 

• Life 

• Happy home 


• Foyer 

o Short tent outside to prevent overcrowding and possibility of rain 

o Butler passing of cocktails 

o Beverage stations 


• Buffet style for general crowd 

o Controlled buffet, primarily for meat station 

o Segmented stations with food descriptions 

o Alternative may be individual menus on table 

o Each family side having their own setup 

o Tables may have to be closer to middle walking path, normally reserved for bride 

entrance to accomplish set up 


• Plated, gourmet for VIP’s consisting of: 

o Soup

o Salad

o Appetizer 

o Sorbet 

o Entrée 

o Dessert 


• Dinner Drinks 

o Keror Peach Cider 

o Keror Raspberry Cider 

o Keror Apple Cider 

o Lamothe Parrot, Special Reserve 

o Cooks Champagne 

o Pearly Bay 

o Water (Fiji & Chelsea’s Choice) 


• Cocktails 

o Beginning at 4:30 

o Controlled, serving select portions of food for guests 

o Lasting approximately 1 hour, 90 minutes maximum 

o Music either provided by steel pan drums 

o Cocktail tables and few chairs for those who may be physically impaired or tired 

o General area for conversing 

o Menu cards for food description 


• Cocktail Drinks 

  • Fruit Punch 

  • Ice Tea 

  • Ginger Lemonade 

  •  Coke 

  •  Sprite 

  •  Water 


• Prelude to entering main dining area 

o Sample sorbets to be offered, refreshing the palate 

  • Peach, Passionfruit, Coconut, Orangina 


• 4 Hostesses, along with 2 seating charts, mounted on tripods 

o Assigning guests their tables with ‘synonyms’ for Love 


Menu Overview 

Cocktail Hour 


Hor D’oeuvres 

• Pork Satays w/ Guava BBQ Sauce (400 pcs max) 

• Shrimp Satays w/ Mango BBQ Sauce (400 pcs max) 

• Lamb Satays w/Cilantro-Yogurt (400 pcs max) 

• Vegetable Spring Rolls w/Sweet Chili-Soy Sauce (400 pcs max) 

o All 4 served in quartet triangle dish 

o Upside down showing satay sticks 

o Sauce drizzled from squeeze bottles 


• Miniature Mac n Cheese w/ Tomato-Basil Ragout(400 pcs max) 

• Mushroom Ragout in Puff Pastry w/ Fresh Grated Parmesan (400 pcs max) 

• Conch Cakes w/Coconut-Parsley Marie Rose (400 pcs max) 

o All 3 served in wave bowl 

o Clustered 

o Miniature forks 

o Sauce or condiment drizzled on top 


• Conch Salad Shots (250 portions max) 

o Served in the slanted diamond cube cups 

o Miniature spoons 



• Passion fruit 

• Coconut 

• Peach 

• Orangina 

o Using small scoop, place in the asian crescent soup spoons 

o Best to chill the spoons and/or scoop in advance, placing 

in freezer 

o Serve to guests before they enter for dinner 




Soup & Bread Station 

• Seafood Gumbo 

• Butternut-Pumpkin Bisque 

o Will need vegan alternative for special guest requests, so make some with 

vegetable stock 

o 4 circular chafing dishes 

o 4 ladles 

Served with 


• Foccaccia 

o Caramelized Onion 

o Jalapeno, Tomato & Parmesan 

• Johnny cake 

o Individual biscuit pieces 

• Coconut Bread 

o Plait in braids, some left as loaves 

• Caramelized Ginger-Raisin Bread 

o 6-10 clips 


Salad Station 

• Asian Slaw 

• Chopped Romaine and/or Spring Mix 

• Cucumber, Tomato, Onion, Cilantro, Parmesan tossed in Italian Dressing 

o Sides consisting of 

  • Carrots 

  • Beans 

  • Mandarin Oranges 

  • Spiced Nuts 

  • Tomatoes 

  • Cheese 

• Parmesan 

• Cheddar 

  • Dressings • Balsamic Vinaigrette

• Mustard Vinaigrette

• Ranch 

o 6 large bowls for salads 

o 14 small/medium ceramic bowls 

o 18 small/medium spoons 

o 2 slotted spoons 

o 6 dressing containers 


Entrée Station 


• Coq Au Vin (deboned chicken thighs, diced/julienned green, yellow pepper garnish) 

• Roast Beef (Chef carving possibly or pre-sliced) 

o Gravy 

o Horseradish cream 

• Seared Swai (diced pineapple, green pepper garnish) 

o Sweet n Sour Sauce 

o 4 clips 

o 2 offset spatulas 

o 4 bowls 

o 4 small/medium spoons 

o 6 standard chafing dishes



• Coconut-Saffron Basmati Pilaf w/Toasted Coconut 

• Herb Mash Potatoes in Potato shell 

• Vegetable Rice 

o 6 standard chafing dishes 

o 6 large spoons 



• Mixed Vegetables 

o Julienne carrots, zucchini, squash 

o Green Bean Almondine 

o 4 chafing dishes 4 clips



• Pina Colada Pudding

• Kahlua Cake 

• Guava Duff 

• Banana- Apple Crepes 

• Chocolate Fountain 

o Cut Fruits 

  • Strawberries 

  • Cantaloupe 

  • Honeydew 

o Marshmallow 

• Sauces 

o Vanilla Bean 

o Ginger 

o Caramel 

o Rum Sauce (Guava Duff) 

• Ice Cream 

o Coffee 

o Honey Cinnamon 

o Rum-Vanilla 

o VitaMalt 

o 8 small/medium ceramic bowls 

o 4 circular chafing dishes 

o 2 ceramic boat platters 

o 2 medium ceramic platters 

o Skewers 

o 2 lexans 

o 8 mini ice cream scoops 

o 6 clips 

o 8 spoons 



 VIP Menu 


Creamy Shrimp & Vegetable Chowder 


Tomato & Basil Soup 

 Plantain Chip Garnish 



Sliced Cucumber, Daikon Radish Ribbon, Cherry Tomato, Spring Mix, Balsamic Vinaigrette, 

Parmesan Wafer Garnish 



Crab Cake with Curry Cauliflower Puree, Corn Ragout, Coconut Cream, Chili Oil 

Black pepper Cracker Garnish 



Champagne-White Wine Sorbet w/ Watermelon Jelly, Chiffonade Mint 



Roasted Lobster, Seared Tenderloin, Ratatouille, Baby Carrots, Whipped Potatoes 


Beurre Blanc 

Red Wine –Honey Glaze 



Molten Chocolate Cake, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Pineapple Wafer, Drunken Fruit Salad, 

 Ginger Cream 

 Pineapple Caramel


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