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The title above is the definition of a menu, in its straightforward and simplest form.  Whenever thinking about menus, the memory of reading 'Simple to Spectacular' resonated in his mind, during his educational pursuits. Influenced by such culinary masterminds, he was amazed how that chef could manipulate a key ingredient in diverse ways to even please the most demanding, critical palate. In courting attention or raising awareness, menu writing is important in enticing and mustering a vivid visual, as one ponders on its profiles, execution and aesthetics.


A menu can denote a snapshot of the chef's skill set, imagination, critical thinking, mindset/philosophy or it can do neither in a sense, being subject to a patron's request. It can be paradoxical. The funny thing about a menu is that two persons looking at an identical one can envision two (2) totally different viewpoints of the aforesaid important traits of menu writing.


Personally, in writing menus, he tries not to limit myself to a certain style of menu or writing; his distinct line of work prevents that because of the diverse clientele and situation usually thrusted into. Menus are created, based on the guest needs, reflective of ethnicity, dietary guidelines and demands. The menus posted provide a quick snapshot of what he offers and scope of ability.

'A list of the dishes to be served or available for a meal'.

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