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Founded in 2006 (under different monikers) as the brainchild of Ron Johnson, Savory Art is essentially a Culinary and Consultation venture, spearheaded by himself in The Commonwealth of The Bahamas. His culinary expertise offers two (2) avenues to choose from: Personal Chef Assistance and Fine Dining Experiences, which varies from upscale catered events and product launches but mainly utilized for dinner parties. The other facet is Culinary and Business Consultancy, in which he maximizes his experience and formal education to assist prospective clients/esttablishments in their livelihood and business operations.

As you are visiting The Bahamas whether for a yacht charter,  vacationing for the winter, planning an intimate dinner for two (2) or desiring an important entertainment dinner to impress, he is the right chef for you! Relax and enjoy your company kept while Savory Art masterfully organizes delectable delights on a ceramic canvas. At the end of the meal, he guarantees that you’ll be consistently planning your next gourmet event with him.

In summation, Savory Art can be defined as an upscale, luxury, personal chef and mobile fine dining institution also assisting in the Consultative field to those that strive to elevate their operations and lifestyle.

Ron Johnson, MBA., BSc, Culinary Artist

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