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'You can't fake quality any more than you can fake a good meal'.

William S. Burroughs

Ron Johnson is a hybrid chef of sorts. Traditionally sound yet slightly modernist at times with presentation and techniques. Versatile and adequate enough to please guests that demand topnotch dinners aboard lavish yachts on the aquamarine waters of  The Bahamas yet disciplined enough to work in rigid, concrete structures of an estate or property. He can translate traditional sweet concepts into the savory world and vice versa as he exquisitely maneuvers and dabbles with both disciplines; being a diverse practitioner of the arts has its merits at times. He's even occasionally preoccupied with grand events and galas as well.


Many would argue that it's great to be 'A Jack of All Trades & A Master of None'. Some would object, based on the premise of concentrating your energies to a few disciplines. This increases your focus and quality while spreading yourself too thin across a myriad of disciplines can lead to mediocrity. There are so many disciplines in the culinary field, unknown to most.


Aforementioned, his areas of expertise lie in: Dinner Parties, Personal/Private Chef , Yacht Chef and Consultancy. For elaboration about what he offers, select the tab which is suitable towards you.



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