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The Cost of Loyalty

This morning around 11 am, I received a phone call from a rep from a highly visible, highly successful media mogul, in which they invited me to travel to an undisclosed location. I was simultaneously excited, flattered and upset because they thought it worthwhile to recruit me for an enjoyable time yet I had to refuse the offer because of a tenure that currently exists as I'm tending to some great clients as I speak. I know the job could have put me in more good graces, strengthening a relationship and broadening a network but I reflected on how happy my current client is and my obligation to them for the duration of their time. It was bittersweet and I had to convince myself that the opportunity would arise again if they value and respect your work and decision to be steadfast; People like loyalty.. Alternatively, I thought about it may not happen again and I just blew a great opportunity. I could have jumped on the plane, partying and whipping up sensuous, tasty food but I'd rather not leave a sour taste in my current client mouth and abruptly depart. This is the price you sometimes pay for ethics and morality; I wish I was a twin right now.

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